Safe Space Statement

We’ve developed a statement that reflects what we believe creates a safe space. We know that we’re not perfect, but at the meetings we all agree to try our hardest to stay true to this statement.

      Pride Alliance is a place where we invite all people to celebrate and connect with all of our genders, sexualities, orientations, and expressions. This is a safe space, which means we commit to:
    • Making this a welcoming, open space for everyone.
    • Being aware of our prejudices and insecurities and how our words affect others.
    • Providing room for each of us to explore our own identities.
    • Allowing others to define their own identities and to speak for themselves.
    • Respecting the privacy of others by maintaining confidentiality, which includes not “outing” people even if they are “out” to us.
      Please do not hesitate to contact the Faculty Advisor and/or the Executive Board through email or by leaving a message (positive or negative, anonymous or attributed) in the suggestion box (in the Pride Office or at the meeting).
      This is a community, and we will look out for one another.

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