LGBTQ Studies Classes

Whether you’re receiving the Concentration in LGBTQ studies or you just want to take some related classes, here’s a list for you to check out! Make sure you talk to your academic adviser before signing up for any classes. Some classes are only taught in the Fall semester or the Spring semester. Others are taught irregularly or are special topics that may not be taught again.

ANTH 488: Gender, Sexuality, and Culture

CULT 814 (Fall Semester): Gender and Sexuality

ENGH 418: Cultural Constructions of Sexualities

GCH 370: Sexuality and Human Behavior

GCH 450: Culture, Sexuality, and the global AIDS epidemic

GCH 515 (Fall 2013): LGBTQ Health

HEAL 325: Human Sexuality

HIST 387 (Special Topics Fall 2013): Sex and Sexuality in Latin America

HIST 389 (Spring Semester): Sex and Sexuality

WMST 300 (Special Topics Fall 2013): Queer Cinema

WMST 308 (Fall Semester): Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

WMST 402 (Spring Semester): Queer Theory

Have you taken a class recently that you feel had a strong basis in gender and sexuality studies? E-mail us at so we can check it out and add it to our list!

Need help with research? Check out the GMU libraries info guides!


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