Executive Board


Communications Chair – Geoffrey Payne

Geoffrey has been involved in Pride Alliance since the beginning of his freshman year, making it onto the executive board since the middle of the Spring 2013 semester. As of Fall 2013, Geoffrey will be a sophomore: he is currently majoring in Psychology (BS) and minoring in Women and Gender Studies with a focus in LGBTQ Studies. In addition to being an ally to others inside and out of the community, he likes to study queer theory and lists Judith Butler and Eve Sedgwick as two of his idols. In his spare time, he likes watching Doctor Who, playing Pokémon or Kingdom Hearts, listening to movie soundtrack or trailer music on YouTube, and writing things that (hopefully) could one day make him a renowned novelist and/or poet.

Events Management – Michelle Siembida

Michelle is a sophomore majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in global governance. She is one of newest member of the executive board as of Fall 2013 and hopes to spread awareness of those in the LGBTQ+ community dealing with mental illness. In addition to Pride Alliance activities, she also enjoys playing video games, reading, and dreaming about being a YouTube celebrity.

Outreach Chair – Bird Hansen

Secretary Melody Kujat

Social Media Chair – Nicole Venable

Treasurer Alexander Carson

Webmaster – Elvira Razzano

Elvira is a junior Sociology major and Legal Studies/Communication minor at GMU. She joined the Exec Board of Pride Alliance in the Spring 2013 semester. She has been an active member of Pride since the first semester of her freshman year in the Fall of 2011 and considers herself an ally to all of the letters in the LGBTQ+ community. In the past she has volunteered for pro-LGBTQ+ organizations in Washington D.C., such as the Human Rights Campaign and the D.C. Center. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Grey’s Anatomy, listening to The Killers, and educating herself about the effects of privilege and social inequality.


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