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Activism Project by Melissa Garzon

Hey everybody! Check this out! Her project will only take a few minutes of your time and it’s a great small step in the big picture of activism!


Hi there,
I am a member of the University of South Florida’s Pride Alliance on campus. I’m trying to get in contact with Pride Alliances from universities all over the nation. I started a project for marriage equality, and all the information is on the Facebook link. If your school doesn’t have a Facebook page for their Pride Alliance, I’ve attached a picture of the status. I’d really really appreciate it if it could be distributed among your members. I’m finding out that the hardest part about this is spreading word.  I’m a first year college student, and this started off as just an idea, but I believe that it could turn into something global if we just have enough people involved. Our first project is a slide slow for Valentines Day, so its really important to get others involved with that. It’s a fun thing, too!

This is a new thing, and its being worked on as we go. The first step is to spread this to other members of the lgbt community and its allies. Please help! And if you have any questions, ask!

Melissa Garzon
USF Freshman


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