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LGBTQ Symposium and Gala at Washington and Lee University

Invite you to the Second Annual Virginia Colleges Equality Symposium and Gala on behalf of the GLBT Equality Initiative at Washington and Lee University. The event will take place on Saturday, March 9th, 2013 and consist of a symposium from 3-6 PM and a gala from 7-10 PM. We had a great turnout last year and we hope to make this event even better the second time around.
The symposium has an academic focus and will consist of a main key note speaker and smaller presentations and ice breakers for the rest of the afternoon. The keynote speaker this year will be Ma Purdy and the topic of her keynote will be ally development. You can check out her site at You can access the FB event page at
The gala is more focused on networking and having a good time. The gala will start at 7 pm and go on ’til 10 pm. Black-tie or business attire is recommended. There will be heavy hors d’oeuvres and an open bar for those 21 and over. We will have a DJ as well as 3 drag performances. The FB event page for the gala is
For students that are gender-non conforming or may not own clothes for such an event, feel free to come in whatever is most comfortable for you.
We will be posting information as it becomes available on the event pages as well as sending an email with all the final details as the date gets closer. We had a great turnout last year and we all had a really good time. We look forward to having students, faculty, and allies from your school join us!

LGBTQ Mental Health Survey

Hey everybody! Here’s another survey request! I know how much we all love surveys! Yay surveys!
Here’s the link
My name is Afton Bradley. I am an MSW (Masters in Social Work) student at VCU in Richmond VA and an intern at ROSMY (nonprofit which provides support services and educational trainings to help LGBTQ youth in Central Virginia). I have created a survey to assess the community and mental health of LGBTQ youth and young adults in their college experience and high school experience. I am primarily researching to see if since leaving high school, mental health and community has improved. In addition, I am looking for feedback that can help us better provide the support and information we do at ROSMY (which extends to community outreach to schools as well). I am sending this e-mail out to contact the LGBTQ groups on campuses in Virginia schools to ask if they will share the survey with their members or with friends, etc. to help me get responses to better help the youth in Virginia. I am happy to send a link to the survey for you to preview and distribute as you see necessary. I am also open to critical feedback as well. As highlighted in the survey and here I state LGBTQ for research purposes (and for the research paper/quantitifying data). However, I acknowledge, even in my own identity, that the acronym is vastly expanding and that persons prefer LGBTQIA, LGBTQQIAAP, LGBTTQQIAAP, or GSM. I wish there was an acronym that was all encompassing. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you for your time,
Afton Bradley

DC Trans Needs Assessment

Hey everybody!

Have you checked out the DC Trans* Needs Assessment Survey? The distribution of this survey is the second phase of a larger DC Trans Needs Assessment project, documenting and discussing the needs of transgender, transsexual and other gender non-conforming populations living in the DC metropolitan area. The survey closes March 1st, so please submit ASAP!

Want to know more about this project?

Take the survey!

In English

In Spanish

Activism Project by Melissa Garzon

Hey everybody! Check this out! Her project will only take a few minutes of your time and it’s a great small step in the big picture of activism!


Hi there,
I am a member of the University of South Florida’s Pride Alliance on campus. I’m trying to get in contact with Pride Alliances from universities all over the nation. I started a project for marriage equality, and all the information is on the Facebook link. If your school doesn’t have a Facebook page for their Pride Alliance, I’ve attached a picture of the status. I’d really really appreciate it if it could be distributed among your members. I’m finding out that the hardest part about this is spreading word.  I’m a first year college student, and this started off as just an idea, but I believe that it could turn into something global if we just have enough people involved. Our first project is a slide slow for Valentines Day, so its really important to get others involved with that. It’s a fun thing, too!

This is a new thing, and its being worked on as we go. The first step is to spread this to other members of the lgbt community and its allies. Please help! And if you have any questions, ask!

Melissa Garzon
USF Freshman

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